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Konig Dial In – Gloss Black or Matte Grey

15×7  10.9 lbs $121 / 15×8  12 lbs $131 / 15×9  13 lbs $134  FREE SHIPPING

Flow-Formed – Lightweight – Strong


Advanti Storm S1 Advanti Racing

Advanti Storm S1  - Matte Black or Matte Grey

15×7  10.3 lbs $129 / 15×8  11.2 lbs $137 / 15×9  12.3 lbs $141   FREE SHIPPING

Flow-Formed – Lightweight – Strong

JRW Series 500 black




JRW Series 500 silver

JRW Series 500 bronze 

Taking Pre-Orders Now…

Limited Supply

Jongbloed Racing Wheel

Flow-Formed for Strength

 15×8 +36mm 4×100 54.1 or 67.1  $189

15×9 +36mm 4×100 54.1 or 67.1  $199

Silver Gloss, Matte Black, Matte Bronze

15×10 +25mm 4×100 54.1 (Miata)  $219 15×10 +15mm 4×100  57.1 (BMW)  $219  

Silver Gloss and Matte Black only

Coming in August!!

Don’t Miss Out…

Taking Orders Now!!

Now in Stock – BMW Spacers

5×120 in 5mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 17mm, & 20mm

PTS 12x1.5 17mm Black Steel Lugs

PTS Black or Bright Silver Steel Lugs

Okay guys and gals –  Now is a great time to get a set of new lug nuts from Phils Tire Service. Changing wheels several times a weekend destroys the threads on your lug nuts. PTS has the answer – 17mm steel black or bright silver 12×1.5 lugs w/ a 60 degree seat (perfect positive engagement) that won’t scratch the wheel when torqued down.   A set of 16 is only $40 or 20 for $50 plus postage!  * Also available in 12×1.25 or 12×1/2-20 RH*  (bright silver only)

  Toyo Proxes RR

Toyo Proxes RR

205/60R13 Toyo Proxes RR – in stock!

205/50R15 Toyo Proxes RR – in stock!

225/45R15 Toyo Proxes RR – in stock!

225/50R15 Toyo Proxes RR – in stock!

245/45R16 Toyo Proxes RR – in stock!

235/40R17 Toyo Proxes RR – in stock!

255/40R17 Toyo Proxes RR – in stock!

275/40R17 Toyo Proxes RR – in stock!

275/35R18 Toyo Proxes RR - in stock!!

Heat Cycling available – only $10 per tire!! 


JRW Spec Miata

New for Spec Miata

Jongbloed Racing Wheel – the PTS Aero for Spec Miata

in silver gloss or matte black

15×7 54.1 centerbore 4×100 +25mm or +30mm

$115 each plus shipping

Wheel and Tire Packages available

with Hoosiers 205/50R15 $1208 plus shipping

with Toyo Proxes RR 205/50R15 $1192 plus shipping

Team Dynamic Pro Race1.2 silver

Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2

Spec E30 15×7 +25mm in Black or Silver $115 each 

Spec Miata 15×7 +25mm or +30mm in Black $115 / Silver $119 each

  plus shipping

 wheels are in stock and ready to ship!



Specials on Enkei, D-Force & TSW wheels in stock…

Will not break up sets…..

4 – 15×7 Enkei RPF1 4×100 +35mm Black $218/$872 plus shipping

4 – 17×8.5 Enkei RPF1 5×114.3 +30 offset Silver $199/$796 plus shipping

2 – 18×8.5 Enkei RPF1 5×114.3 +30 offset Silver $245/$490 plus shipping

4 – 18×9.5 TSW Interlagos RF 5×120 +40mm Matte Black $272/$1088 plus shipping  

 Phils Tire Service Wheel & Tire Packages


Spec Miata

Spec E30

w/ Toyo RA-1 FT w/Toyo RA-1 FT
Jongbloed Racing $1164  
Team Dynamics Black $1164Team Dynamics Silver $1180 D-Force $1164
D-Force $1164 Team Dynamics $1164
TR Motorsports $1040 TR Motorsports $1040
w/ Toyo RR w/ Toyo RR
Jongbloed Racing $1192  
TR Motorsports $1068 D-Force $1192
D-Force $1192 Team Dynamics $1192
Team Dynamics Black $1192Team Dynamics Silver $1208 TR Motorsports $1068
w/ Hoosier  
Jongbloed Racing $1208  
Team Dynamics Black $1208Team Dynamics Silver $1224  
D-Force $1208  
TR Motorsports $1144  

Add Heat Cycling for $10 per tire

Add Metal Valve Stems for $4 each

Add Black or Bright Silver Steel Open-Ended 17mm Lug Nuts – Set of 16 only $40


PTS Billet Aluminum 6061 Heat-Treated Alloy Spacers

4×100 57.1 center bore

5mm $39.99/pair

8mm $44.99/pair

5×120 72.56 center bore

5mm $49.99/pair

12mm $59.99/pair

20mm $69.99/pair


5×108/5×114.3 67.0 center bore spacers

5mm $39.99/pair

5×114.3 66.1 center bore spacers

20mm $69.99 pair



      Spec Miata

        Spec E30

 Jongbloed Racing    +25mm/+30mm  $105  D-Force         +15mm/+25mm    $115
Team Dynamics    +25mm/+30mm Black $115Silver $119 Team Dynamics+25mm $115
D-Force   +25mm/+30mm $115 TR Motorsports+25mm $99
TR Motorsports+30mm $99

plus shipping

Now In Stock 

Hankook 225/45R15 RS3 (version 2)

$117 each plus shipping


  D-Force 15×6 4×100 +35mm 

$115 each !!

 Available in silver or black

D-Force Wheels

Lizzie is pleased to be sitting pretty with the 15×6 D-Force Wheel!!

**wheel and tire packages available**



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    Bringing Clean Wheels to an Event?
    (no tires, dirt, or weights)
    Mount & Balance on Clean Wheels
    13-15" $15 each
    16-17" $18 each
    18-19" $20 each
    Slicks (any size) $25 each

    August 16-17
    Summit Point with NASA Mid-Atlantic

    Toyo, BFG, Michelin & Hoosier must be ordered by Thursday 8/7*

    Orders after 8/7* may be subject to additional charges

    September 26-28
    Watkins Glen with NASA Northeast

    Toyo, BFG, Michelin & Hoosier must be ordered by Thursday 9/18*

    Orders after 9/18* may be subject to additional charges

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    Attention all NASA Endurance Racers!!

    Toyo Tire has stepped up with a brand new Contingency Program for 2013!!

    The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) is pleased to announce that Toyo Tires® will offer a new open tire contingency program to all Enduro classes during the 2013 regional racing season...

    The new contingency program will be available immediately and like all Toyo contingencies, it will be available to Enduro entrants competing on the Proxes® line of Toyo tires.

    Go to http://www.nasaproracing.com/2013/05/new-toyo-tires-enduro-continge.html for the full story!!


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